MY BEST FRIEND and ex-nomad, Lou Brochetti, had been struggling with cancer, heart problems, stomach issues and arthritis for two years. I spent the past ten months with him, helping out in any way necessary. His body was falling apart and he could no longer do any of the things that brought him joy and gave meaning to his life. His condition would only get worse.

So he got all his affairs in order and, on Thursday, among friends, he availed himself of New Mexico’s End-of-Life Options Act. Now he’s free of pain, depression, and anger.

And I’m in mourning. A good, honorable man, a true brother, is gone. I miss him so much.

As you can guess, I’m in no mood right now to write for this website. So I’m taking some time away — a couple of weeks or so. There are a handful of things to deal with here, then I’ll retreat to the healing arms of nature to resume something resembling my former nomadic life — only with a huge hole in it.

See you down the road.