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Best Darned BBQ Ever!

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Is this Minimalism?

I love my Weber, Go Anywhere Propane Grill. It’s small, light and cooks great food.

When I moved out of my home-built camper and into my converted cargo trailer, I suddenly had a lot more room for storage. The very first thing I did was buy a Weber Go Anywhere Propane Grill. I used to own one, but in the camper there simply wasn’t room for it and I sold it. But with the extra room of the trailer, I could carry one again.
I love this grill!!!! It is light, compact and cooks incredible food. It acts as much as a smoker as a grill, and all the food I cook comes out moist and incredibly flavorful. That’s especially true of chicken. I have always had a problem with chicken breast coming out dry and bland. But that problem disappears with this grill. Unless I mess it up, I can count on delicious, moist chicken every time. Beyond that, cooking is super simple and clean-up afterwards is even easier. I just put the chicken in, turn it every 5-10 minutes, and 20 minutes later I have a wonderful meal. And clean-up is non-existent. I have never cleaned it in any way. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

My friend Steve who camps with me is a big fan of charcoal Bar-B-Que, but when he saw how great the Weber was, he, bought one and gave his old one away. He loves it just as much as I do, but he took it a step further. He started experimenting with foil cooking in the Weber. He would put the whole meal (meat, and vegetables) into aluminum foil and then wrap it up and cook it on the grill. Later I found the book “Cook it in Foil” which gives great recipes and cooking instructions on cooking in the BBQ. And not just dinners, it has recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as deserts. He really loves cooking meals in foil in the Weber!

For this blog post Steve gave me some tips on foil cooking on a BBQ and some of his favorite recipes:

  • Use Heavy Duty aluminum foil, or if using regular strength, use two sheets. First cut the foil large enough to hold your meal, then lay it down flat and start piling on the meal. Then fold it in half along the length of the meal and roll the two halves together. Then roll the ends up toward the middle. You want to make a pouch that is air tight and will hold in the moisture and heat.
  • Pre-heat the Weber on high, then turn it down between low and medium for the cooking.
  • If cooking vegetables like potatoes and carrots, dice them so they cook faster. Put them in their own foil pouch and put them on the BBQ for 15 minutes during the pre-heat. Then put the main meal in and turn the heat down to between low-medium, leaving the potatoes in to finish cooking.
  • Steve loves onions, so for all his meat meals he lays down a bed of sliced onions, then the vegetables and meat over it. The onions are moist so they “steam” the whole meal as they cook.
  • Steve also loves mushrooms, so in most meals he puts mushrooms on top of the onions and all the flavors merge together.
  • He also loves butter, so he puts butter on top of the meal and it melts and drips to the bottom where it “caramelizes” with the onion.
  • Spice the meal to taste by sprinkling salt, pepper, onion salt/powder, garlic salt/powder, etc. over the top. Then seal it and place in BBQ.
  • Sprinkle your favorite sauce over the meal to taste. Steve like teriyaki sauce, so he uses it frequently. Then seal the pouch and place it in the BBQ.
  • Be very careful when opening the foil pack. Hot steam can come out and burn you. To make the meal super easy to clean up after, Steve eats it right out of the foil.
  • Optionally, he will often make some rice and pour it over the rice.
  • All these recipes are for one person, adjust to how many people you will be serving and to your own tastes. The book has a lot more details and photos to help make all this clearer.
  • Always cook with the lid on the Weber, so it becomes a simple “oven.”

Make a bed of sliced onions, then a layer of mushrooms. If you want, you can then put canned vegetables on top of that. On top of all that put 1/2 pound of crumbled hamburger. Cook 20-30 minutes with the heat set to between low and medium heat.
Make a bed of sliced onions, then a layer of mushrooms. If you want, you can then put canned vegetables on top of that. On top of all that put a park chip. Cook 20-30 minutes between low-medium heat.
Make a bed of sliced onions, then a layer of mushrooms and canned vegetables. If you want, you can then put canned vegetables on top of that. On top of all that put as much and the type of chicken you like. Cook 20-30 minutes between low-medium heat. Chicken may take longer depending on its thickness. Meat with bones also takes longer
Make a bed of sliced onions, then a layer of mushrooms. If you want, you can then put canned vegetables on top of that. On top of all that put as much shrimp as needed. Cook 20-30 minutes between low-medium heat. Cook 20-30 minutes on low-medium heat.
Steve has found that he likes to cook frozen pizzas on the BBQ. Look around and find rectangular pizzas so they fit better. Tony’s makes one Steve really likes and cooks often. You can buy cheese or already topped pizza and then add your own favorite toppings, like extra cheese, sauce, meat, or vegetables. Or you can make your own crust and then top it. But, you don’t want a thick crust, thin only! A thick crust will burn on the bottom before it cooks entirely.
Take the grill off the top off the Weber and cover it with heavy duty aluminum foil and put it back on. Next, cut a piece of foil long enough to extend out past the end of the lid. They will be the “handles” you use to lift the pizza out. Put the pizza on the foil and top to your taste. Don’t wrap the pizza in the foil! Just pick it up by the long ends and put it in the Weber with the ends hanging out. Cover with the lid and cook for 15 minutes. To check on it for done-ness periodically. When the cheese is melted in the middle, it’s ready to eat. You really need to give this a try, it turns out incredible!
As you can see, if you cook many meals on the Weber, you will burn a lot of propane. I highly recommend you get an adaptor hose so you can use a 20 pound refillable propane tank instead of the little green bottles. You will save a lot of money in the long run. Costco sells the 20 lb bottle for about $25, but they are only a few dollars more at Walmart.



  1. Kim

    What a coincidence! I was moving things around in my van today and realized, with sadness, that my Weber Go-Anywhere doesn’t get used enough to justify the cargo space it occupies. So I’ve decided to sell it. It IS a wonderful grill. If I ever got a larger rig, I would buy another for sure.
    Love the foil cooking tips!

    • Bob

      Kim, with two people in a Roadtrek you sure don’t have any room to spare! Too bad you aren’t coming to the RTR, you could sell it there for sure. I was very sad to get rid of mine when I moved into my tiny camper, and equally glad to get a new one when I moved into the trailer! Happy travels! Bob

      • Kim

        Oh, but I am coming to the RTR! Don’t forget about me!
        I might bring it along if I haven’t sold it by then.

        • Bob

          Hi Kim, we have an area where we sell and give away things at the RTR, so if you haven’t sold it by then, you probably can at the RTR. Who knows, it might even pay for a part of your trip! See you then. Bob

  2. joey

    Those recipes sound delicious. I will try them when I can.

    • Bob

      Thanks Joey, they really are very good! But to an old bachelor like me the main thing is they are easy to make and require no clean up! I hate doing dishes!

  3. TERRY

    Bob Good reading. Love a good bar b q. Anyhow my van is all set up and thought id take it up to Victorville for a nice campout. How about inviting me up? Terry from Long Beach.

    • Bob

      Terry, you are always welcome in my camp! However, for the next three days I will be on a roadtrip tp Pahrump, NV. I will be be back on Wednesday. We will probably leave here for Quartzsite in the first 10 days of November.
      We arein the exact same spot as last year, do you still have the directions? If not I will send them again. See you soon. Bob

      • TERRY

        Sorry that you are going to Pahrump. Been dying for a vacation. Oh well. Can you let me know when you are back and then how many days youll be there before you break camp. Id love to spend a few days with you all up there. If not im definitely ready for quartzite. And yes email me the directiins. I get lost going around the block! Terry:)

  4. Shelly

    Bob, thanks for the BBQ r. I am new and have really enjoyed learning all the ins and outs. Currently I am the caregiver for my husband who had a massive stroke 4 years ago. He has no use of his left side. I have been looking into a class B RV. I will need room for his wheelchair, and his service dog. Hoping to get traveling by spring. Just want to thank everyone on the blog. I have learned a lot.

    • Bob

      Hi Shelly, a wheelchair in a Class B would be tight fit. Be sure you try it out before you buy. I had a very good friend who traveled extensively in his Sportsmobile Class B with a wheel chair lift and it worked great for him. Sportsmobile custom makes every rig so you can get it exactly to fit your needs. He pulled a travel trailer which gave him the room he needed. So he lived in the TT and took long trips in the van. That might be something for you to consider. Bob

      • Shelly

        Bob, thanks I looked at the sports mobile and I really the the fact that I can get 4×4. And it will work out if they can build it for us. This may be the way we go. We could pull a small trailer to haul the elect. Wheelchair and other stuff we would need.

        • Bob

          Shelly, I have only heard good things about Sportsmobile. If you can afford it, you can’t do better! Bob

  5. Steve & Zeke the Mountain Dog

    Being from the Seattle area i grew up on fresh seafood and absolutely love all types… I have been out here for about two years now and am just getting into cooking seafood… So I am excited to have a nice Salmon, Halibut or even Trout cooked in the foil method… Clams, Oyster’s and muscles at next after that… Hmmm maybe an e-Book is in my future… The Weber go anywhere BBQ truly is an amazing must have piece of gear…

  6. cyndi

    I’ve been pondering and shopping for grillsfor awhileand I am sold on the Weber! Thanks!
    I’m also glad to see that little table being used! One of the reasons I dismissed the Weber was because I didn’t think it would be ok on a plastic table. I didn’t want to be cooking on the ground for fear of Stumpy burning her nose.

    • cheri

      Cyndi, we used Bob’s Weber on my little table (might even be the one in the picture)and it warped it a lot from the heat. It gets really really hot under that thing and so you need to set it on something that the heat won’t hurt. It cooks everything sooooo yummy. Wish I had room to carry one in HULK but I just can’t find room for anything more. GRIN I am such a pack rat. Can’t wait to see you again at RTR. Hugs to you and Stumpy!!

    • Bob

      Hi Cyndi, I think of you every time I use that table, which is very often! Thanks for giving it to me, I love it. !You were right to be worried, I had been using it on my big plastic table and the heat warped and bubbled the plastic. I am impatient so I tend to cook on high with the lid almost closed, so the heat goes down. I am planning on getting a piece of sheet metal to put under it as a heat shield.
      Steve leaves his just off the ground, and Zeke has never burned himself on it, although it sure smells good!!!! Bob

  7. Vickie

    Maybe an insulated cookie sheet would do the trick. I carried a large ceramic tile around for hot things base for ages, but hardly ever used it. BTW, I have a table just like that. It travels in the side door well and has been great inside and out.

    • Bob

      An insulated cookie sheet would work very well to keep the pizza from burning. Very good suggestion Vickie! They are great tables. Being able to adjust the height makes it even more useful. Bob

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