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Central America: The New RVing Frontier

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The Trip Of A Lifetime: You Can Do It!

In 2004 Jim Jaillet took a 343 day adventure of a lifetime. He drove 16,000 plus miles from Gila Bend, Arizona (Number 1 on the globe above) to the Panama Canal (Number 2 on globe above) and then back to Douglas, Arizona. In order to share his experience and encourage others to follow their dreams of traveling in Mexico and Central  America, he wrote a wonderful book called PANAMA OR BUST.

Wanting to do even more to help people, he created a forum to bring together those who have traveled to Central America and those who dream of going, by starting a Group on Yahoo called Panama or Bust.

Jim has written a series of articles giving tips on traveling to Central America for the Yahoo group. He has graciously agreed to allow this website to reprint those articles here.

Here are some of Jim’s photos to help inspire you to get busy planning your own trip of a lifetime. Some of the things you can do and see:


Stand at the Edge of a Volcano

See the Panama Canal

See the Panama Canal

Visit and Climb Mayan Ruins

Mayan Ruins
Visit and Climb Mayan Ruins

Make New Friends!

fresh fishMake New Friends!

village street

fishing villageVisit Authentic Local Villages

Beach Breakers

RV on the beachVisit Incredible Beaches

map of Central America

Let Jim Show You How…
And Remember:
You Can Do It!

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