WHEN I TRAVEL, especially through scenic areas, I listen to specific types of music, a mix of opera and heavy metal, and classical and heavy metal. Broad searching ranges of voice and instrumentation, driven by passion and percussion, to me, are raw, truthful, and persevere to the profound. Such music lifts my emotions to levels that rush consciousness and bridge the gap between what I feel and what I think. And then I write.

Here is the playlist, recently updated, that I listened to on my first trip to South Dakota when I got lost in this place called Hell Canyon. My phone dropped the server signal and I had no preset electronic maps.  I knew the general direction to head. So, I turned up my music, opened my Atlas, and used my vehicle’s internal compass to navigate my way out. Took me several hours to find a major road. I kept hitting dead ends and remnants of roads that were little more than ATV trails.  But the music helped me to see the adventure of it all.

The sky was huge and the terrain was beautiful and wide open – not at all like a canyon. I wanted to overnight there. It was such a clear day that the night sky was sure to be filled with the light of even the dimmest of stars. But I was new to boondocking. And I wasn’t familiar with the territory. Worse, I was low on water. So, I turned down the music, and left, promising myself to return. I haven’t, yet. But I will. 

Enjoy the music!!